It’s amazing how little ideas can blossom into something real when you let it grow in exactly the way that it wants to. Ground Cloud is the result of a conversation between Rani and myself one summer night on a beautiful Australian beach. After what was more a stream-of-consciousness verbalised than a directed discussion, we commented on the nature of the ocean. I can’t remember which of us said it, but the thought stuck:

“The ocean is kinda like a big cloud on the ground when you think about it!”

Several weeks later, that little idea popped up again when we were trying to come up with a name for a hypothetical winery that we would own. As you’ll come to learn, many of our best conversations involve a glass of red wine! After several terrible suggestions, we remembered that little conversation on the beach.

Brett: “What about…………...Cloud Ground!”

Rani: “That sounds ridiculous! How about Ground Cloud”

Brett: ‘....Oh damn!!!! That’s good!”

Our imaginary winery quickly took shape after we had verbalised it. We felt that the name Ground Cloud captured something earthy, natural and satisfying. It was either our imaginations or the wine that got the better of us, but we quickly spiralled into grand plans that got more and more outrageous as to what Ground Cloud could become.

Fast forward to us moving to Singapore, yearning for the fresh organic foods and boutique coffees that we were used to. Another little idea pops up, that we could document the places that we found, the tips and tricks of living organically and create the right environment to connect with like-minded people through a blog.

The more we thought about it, the more reasons we came up with about why we wanted to start this venture. So it’s not a winery (yet!) but the name perfectly fits what we want to do. We want Ground Cloud to become a community which shares our love of real organic food, good coffee, better wine and hand-crafted one of a kind products made by people with a story to tell.

Whilst much of our content will be set in the context of Singapore and South-East Asia, we still aim to be relevant for all of our friends and family around the world with informative and hopefully entertaining guidance to an organic lifestyle.

We’ve selected four categories for all of our coming adventures to be framed by. Here’s what you can expect to find:

Eat | Your personal guide to a delicious lifestyle.

Prepare your tastebuds for some serious mouth-watering organic, sustainable and ethical food! We love finding eateries who have a mission to serve real food, without compromising on taste. You can also find some quick and easy recipes we swear by to keep grocery costs down - healthy doesn't need to be expensive!

Drink | Your personal guide to a refreshing lifestyle.

Your one stop shop for our top recommendations for high-quality bars and cafes worth spending your time at, run by those who know how to make you a bloody good drink or morning coffee. We will also share our tips on the best bottle shop and online wine order services, to ensure you're getting the best deal on your organic, biodynamic or natural wine.

Live | Your personal guide to a wholesome lifestyle.

It’s not just what you put in your belly that makes for an organic lifestyle! Here, we’ll show you the ways that you can remove toxic products from your home, and how to fill it up with the good stuff without breaking the bank.

Explore | Your personal guide to an adventurous lifestyle.

No matter where we end up, we inevitably find ourselves searching for an experience that showcases what the region has to offer. We’ll share all of the gems that we find on our adventures so you can just go straight to the good stuff.

So welcome to Ground Cloud! We’re super excited to discover how to live a clean, green and fulfilling life in Singapore and South-East Asia. We hope that you’ll come along with us on this adventure.

Ground Cloud

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