About us

Hi! We’re Brett and Rani.


Have you ever had that thought “I should just sell everything and move to another country?" Well, we did too and what started as a playful thought, turned into Rani looking into exchanges, getting accepted and us selling everything and moving to another country! In mid 2018, we got of our comfort zone in Adelaide, Australia and into beautiful Singapore.


Back home, we were surrounded by nichey cafes and bars, organic produce and farm to table restaurants, or at least we knew where to look for them. Arriving in Singapore, we found it hard to uncover the places and experiences we knew and loved back home. We knew they must be out there, but just had no idea where to look! After stumbling upon a few amazing cafes and meeting some incredible people, we realised that we had the opportunity to share our discoveries with those who love an organic lifestyle as much as we do!


We’ve created Ground Cloud as a means to channel our exploration of Singapore and the nearby South-East Asian regions, to help foster an organic community and to promote the passion of the small producers of the world. We also want to share with you tips, tricks and guides to living a natural and toxin free lifestyle. So if you’ve read this far, then we would love to welcome you into the Ground Cloud community!

Stay tuned, we can’t wait to share more with you!